Xiomara’s Story

Categories: Success Stories

Xiomara never felt like she had the necessary skills to be a consistently present and engaged mother. She heard about The Lord’s Place during a five-month sentence in jail, a period of time for which she is very thankful, because she didn’t think she was able to stop living life the way she had been without help. In jail, she was enrolled in, and graduated from, a drug education program that taught her that she needed to work on herself. She applied and was accepted into The Lord’s Place Halle Place, a residence for women exiting incarceration.

During her time in Halle Place, Xiomara completed the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Program and the job training and employment program. She took interest in The Lord’s Place Thrift Store’s e-commerce program and began an apprenticeship where she learned consistency, focus, and how to alter her perception of herself and life in a way that further her life. Now, Xiomara is maintaining her sobriety, has a job at a local Dunkin Donuts and is working hard to become a shift leader, and is saving money to transition into independent living with her children.

Xiomara’s success has Filled Our Hearts with pride and joy as she said “The Lord’s Place and Halle Place has brought my life back. I’m a daughter, mother, sister, and friend, and I love me today.”