Who We Are

Our Mission

The Lord’s Place is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness by providing innovative, compassionate and effective services to men, women and children in our community.

We offer comprehensive services designed to end homelessness… once and for all.  Our aim is to provide programs that assist our clients in finding their unique path, which leads to a place called home.

The Lord’s Place is a non-sectarian, social impact 501(c)3 organization that, for over 30 years, has been changing the lives of families and individuals experiencing homelessness.

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At each stage of development, our governing philosophy has been to provide client-centered programs that break the cycle of homelessness.  Today, we are a well-respected agency serving all those who experience homelessness.

A Little History

Brother Joe Ranieri lived in a dumpster to raise money for the poor and homeless. Thirty years later, co-founder and current Board Member Jack Scarola remembers where it all started.



The Lord’s Place has served the homeless in Palm Beach County for more than three decades. In 1979, founder Brother Joe Ranieri slept in a dumpster for 30 days to raise awareness and funds to open the agency’s first homeless shelter. Since then, we have continued to evolve as an agency, keeping the needs of our clients in sharp focus and preserving the integrity of our mission.