Jack & Evelyn Alexander Place

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The Lord's Place’s Family Campus, now known as the Jack & Evelyn Alexander Place, located in West Palm Beach, has provided housing and guidance to homeless families for more than three decades, providing shelter, warmth, encouragement and the resources needed to gain independence.

Created as a temporary shelter in 1983, it has evolved into an essential community resource that has assisted hundreds of families. The campus consists of two different programs - the HUD-funded Project Family Care long-term supportive housing program and Interim Family Transitional Housing Program – to provide a comprehensive continuum of housing types to serve a variety of familial needs.

The campus improves each family’s ability to thrive by helping them develop skills and resources to achieve and sustain independence. Services include

client-centered case management, job training and employment services, assistance accessing benefits, tutoring and educational instruction, financial coaching, life skills classes, and healthcare coordination. Residents complete the program with increased income, enhanced job skills, improved health and wellbeing, and a positive support system. It prepares them for success and gives them the tools to maintain their lifestyle and prevent future homelessness.

The campus also includes an innovative Youth Services program for the many children who call the campus home. The program is designed to ensure that each child has the same access to opportunities that promote learning and growth as other children. These include after school activities, tutoring, field trips, educational outings, youth council participation, and exploring various interests and hobbies such as sports, art and music.  For many of our children, these are formative years spent on the campus.