Bill’s Place

Housing for Single Men 50 and Older


Nestled serenely on Melaleuca Drive in West Palm Beach, Bill’s Place is more than just a housing initiative; it’s a tender vision of hope crafted by The Lord’s Place in collaboration with the Pulte Family Foundation and the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Development.

Far beyond shelter, Bill’s Place emerges as a refuge. It offers safe housing and wraparound services tailored for single men aged 50 and above, grappling with the challenges of homelessness, geriatric needs, and behavioral health struggles.

Envision the profound impact as up to 15 men discover solace, support, and a pathway to stability. Breaking away from conventional models, the program places a unique focus on recovery and empowerment. Services are compassionately comprehensive and meticulously crafted to guide each individual’s journey—from basic needs assistance to benefits navigation and transition planning.

Operating on a recovery housing model, Bill’s Place emphasizes client choice, ensuring a nurturing environment. Renovations begin in 2024, and we anticipate opening these doors of compassion and support in 2025.