Our Impact


On any given night, the organization is capable of housing more than 250 homeless men, women and children. Our housing programs are provided throughout Palm Beach County, and include long-term supportive housing programs for people with disabilities, and short-term housing programs. Our housing programs serve single homeless men, single homeless women, and homeless families. Our housing programs target chronically homeless citizens, as well as men and women ex-offenders.

  • We provided housing for 347 individuals.
  • 112 housing clients were children age 18 and under.
  • 39 housing clients were children under the age of 5.
  • 47% of residents were Female, 53% of residents were Male.
  • Average age for adults was 43.6 years old. 
  • Average age for minors was 7.9 years old. 
  • The most common racial categories were:  50% African American, 41% Caucasian, 7% Hispanic, 2% Other.
  • 51% of families were headed by minority single mothers.
  • 14% of families were headed by women age 25 and under.


The Lord’s Place Employment Services offer diverse programming (apprenticeships, training, education classes, job coaching) to help clients gain meaningful employment. Our programs are targeted to highly vulnerable, at-risk populations with multiple barriers to employment.

  • Last year, 305 individuals enrolled in our Job Training and Employment Program.
  • 166 individuals participated in our Job Readiness classroom training program with 156 or 94% successfully graduating.
  • Our Job Training and Employment participants received 96 job offers.

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