Burckle Place West

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The Burckle Place Campus, which includes Burckle Place and Burckle Place West, closes the loop for women in need who were formerly homeless.  Burckle Place is the facility to heal and regain direction; and Burckle Place West gives them the tools to make the changes in themselves and become community leaders.

The Lord’s Place opened doors of Burckle Place West in March 2017.  This essential intermediary step between supportive housing and community-based living completes the last phase of “breaking the cycle of homelessness” in the Burckle Experience.

Now, after graduating from Burckle Place, 11 women at a time are able to live at Burckle Place West, for up to two years, while transitioning back in to society.  This facility provides a safe environment where women can live affordably, save extra money earned at work and have the supportive services of Burckle Place just steps away.

For more information regarding the referral process, or about Burckle Place in general, please contact 561-603-9301.