Employment & Training

Café Joshua, the name of our employment and training program, benefits low-income populations by providing comprehensive job training and employment services to at-risk job seekers that would otherwise remain unemployed and homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Through Café Joshua, low-income participants acquire vocational competencies and cognitive-behavioral techniques to prepare them for successful entry-level employment in Palm Beach County’s food service and administrative clerical positions. They learn communication, conflict resolution, and life skills.

They receive instruction in computer literacy, resume writing, and job interviewing. They benefit from numerous complementary supportive services, including life coaching, literacy tutoring, financial coaching, and unique, cutting-edge soft skills instruction.  They are connected to meaningful job leads through employers that have been cultivated by Café Joshua’s job development component. And they are supported in their employment through one-on-one job coaching and job retention counseling.

Our Employment Services program offers comprehensive assistance designed to prepare participants for employment. They include transitional work experience, education, job coaching, and assistance in securing and maintaining employment. The program also includes our Social Enterprise business, Joshua Catering Company, which serves as real-life employment training opportunities for homeless program participants.

For more information, email jobs@TheLordsPlace.org or call 561.578.4840

From July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023


Individuals received Employment Services.


Clients who had a high school degree and/or technical/vocational degree.


Clients participated in
the Job Ready Program.


Clients who recieved job offers.


Clients who completed an individualized Employment Plan.


Job coaching sessions to 388 individuals.