Community Engagement Services

The Lord’s Place Community Engagement Services are a critical component of its strategy to break the cycle of homelessness in Palm Beach County.  The program conducts regular outreach  at prominent parks and other areas frequently visited by the homeless community, on-call deployment to assist those who are in need and informational outreach to local businesses that may interface with person experiencing homelessness.  It also provides the community resource referral and coordination to a variety of local partner agencies.

The Lord’s Place’s effective approach to community engagement stems from its use of trained peer specialists, who use their personal recovery history and shared experience with clients to quickly establish trust and rapport.

The model is widely recognized as an evidence-based practice and is endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Mental Health America.

The Lord’s Place’s Community Engagement Services are particularly capable in connecting vulnerable and marginalized chronically homeless adults to stable housing. Our goal is to slowly and organically build an authentic rapport with them, taking care to remove barriers and/or demands that have traditionally alienated them. This strategy is based on a client-centered and flexible approach.

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From July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

  • 590 individuals were served, an increase of 251 individuals over last year.
  • Community resource referrals were provided to 490 individuals
  • 329 individuals were connected to housing.
  • The percentage of street engagement clients exiting to safe housing increased by 40% over last year.