care-teamThe CARE Team (Counseling Assessment, Resources, Education) is an assertive community treatment (ACT) program that provides comprehensive physical and mental health care to homeless men and women throughout Palm Beach County. The heart of CARE, which stands for Counseling, Access, Resources, and Education, is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together to address clients’ health-related needs. The team consists of a psychiatric nurse practitioner, case managers, client advocates, therapists, vocational specialists, and a medical liaison.

The CARE Team was created in response to increasingly prevalent evidence that the community’s most vulnerable residents were falling through the cracks when it came to navigating the complex local healthcare system. These difficulties contributed to a number of deleterious outcomes, including criminal recidivism, mental health destabilization, untreated, life-threatening health problems, and recurring substance abuse issues.

At The Lord’s Place, all clients in supportive housing are referred to the CARE Team upon admission, where weekly meetings occur to assess individual and family needs unique to each individual.  Clients are then referred to services that could include, but are not limited to: Psychiatric Assessment, Medication Management, Therapy, Employment Services, SOAR (applying for disability benefit), and other referrals to other community resources.

From July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

  • 95% of those who left our mental health program were medically stable at their time discharge.
  • 89% were connected with a medical home at their time of discharge.
  • 79% avoided the use of emergency services while enrolled in the CARE Team.
  • 96% had health insurance at discharge.
  • 90% were stably housed at discharge.
  • 48% were employed or receiving Social Security Disability benefits at the time of discharge.


Special thanks to our partners at the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.