Executive Committee

Cornie Thornburgh
Board Chair
Michael Stevens
Vice Chair
Diana Barrett
Charles Ward Treasurer







Pamela McIver
Past Chair
Kate Grangard
Audit Committee Chair
Theodore A. Deckert, Esq.
Board Governance Committee Chair







Board Members

Matt Barnes
Robert E. Barrett, Jr.
The Honorable Ann Brown
Barbara Cheives






Julie F. Cummings
Cynthia Heathcoe
Bob Katzen
Wes Lang
Steven Malone, Esq.





The Honorable Geraldine (Jeri) Muoio
Jamie Niemie
Rev. Dr. Robert Norris
Willy Philias, MD
Bill Proctor
Mary Quick





Jack Scarola, Esq.
Jamie Stern
Adrianne Weissman





Life is complicated. But at The Lord’s Place, we are clearing the way for our clients.
With your support, we can help our clients access housing, employment, and a fresh start.
Looking toward the future, we are confident and hopeful as we build a new campus for our clients, programs, and services.
With you on our team, we are removing obstacles and helping individuals
and families navigate their journey out of homelessness.
 Together, nothing can stop us from clearing the way.