Effective Programs and Services of The Lord’s Place


We offer clients a range of housing options, from supportive housing to safe and affordable graduate  housing for clients ready to leave the program.

  • We provided supportive housing for 438 individuals (9.5% increase)
  • 95% of clients served in 2020-2021 were no longer homeless at the end of the year

Job Training and Employment

At Café Joshua, the job-readiness training program ultimately leads to employment and self-sufficiency.

  • We provided employment services for 377 individuals (16% increase)
  • Conducted 2,191 job coaching sessions, many of which were virtual due to the pandemic

Street Outreach and Engagement

Our peer-led street team engages locally with the chronically homeless, with the goal of building trusting relationships that spark journeys to self-sufficiency.


  • We served 590 individuals were served (27% increase)
  • We connected 329 street engagement clients to safe housing (40% increase)



Care Team

Wraparound care coordination for clients with intensive behavioral health, substance abuse and serious medical concerns.

  • We provided CARE Team services to 151 individuals
  • 97% avoided the use of emergency services while on CARE Team, an 18% improvement over the previous year

Reentry Services

Services specifically designed to meet the needs of those in, or recently released from, incarceration.

  • We provided pre-release reentry services to 363 individuals at the Sago Palm Reentry Center
  • We provided post-release services to an additional 171 individuals and 77% avoided re-arrest for one year after enrollment

Gender Specific Services

Clients are served in a supportive atmosphere based on specific gender needs through workshops and therapeutic services.

  • 41% of clients are female, 58% are male, 1% are transgender or other

Children & Youth Services

We are committed to stopping intergenerational homelessness with mentoring, tutoring and pro-social activities to encourage scholarship, independence, responsibility, and team-building.

  • 100% of youth living at our Family Campus remained on track for grade promotion
  • There were 208 days of 223 unique youth activities this year




Life is complicated. But at The Lord’s Place, we are clearing the way for our clients.
With your support, we can help our clients access housing, employment, and a fresh start.
Looking toward the future, we are confident and hopeful as we build a new campus for our clients, programs, and services.
With you on our team, we are removing obstacles and helping individuals
and families navigate their journey out of homelessness.
 Together, nothing can stop us from clearing the way.