We Stand United

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Our country is seething with hurt, pain and anger over the senseless killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and other people of color in our country. Certainly, issues of race and racism have been with us as a nation since our founding. The fight for “civil rights” in our more recent past has, apparently, only scratched the surface of understanding. Today we are reminded how little progress there has been to secure human rights for all.

COVID-19 underscores the fragility of the human condition. Racism accentuates the limits of our understanding for one another.  We at The Lord’s Place seek to break cycles of mistrust, misunderstanding and restore human dignity. We have to do better in our broken world.  We stand with all people who have felt the pain of racial injustice.

The events of this week have opened a wound in our hearts. Before we can heal, we have to accept that all is not right with how we live our lives and how we confront one another on a daily basis. We need to stop doing what generations before us have ingrained in our social consciousness. It is time to pause, it is time to reflect, it is time to become aware, it is time to speak out, it is time to be advocates for equality. It is time to heighten awareness because only then can social change be possible.

The Lord’s Place is dedicated to being the voice for peace, social justice and acceptance now and in the days ahead.



Diana Stanley                                                                                                       Cornelia Thornburgh
CEO                                                                                                                         President, Board of Directors