April 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

We wanted to update you with how we are proceeding with our campaign initiatives launched this past fall, as well as how we are continuing to serve those who are most vulnerable in our community.  With your help, we are abiding by our mission that guides us to do nothing less than breaking the cycle of homelessness in our community – today and well into the future.


The Home for Good campaign committee recognizes that we must be prudent with the funding with which you have entrusted us.  Accordingly, we are pausing our large capital projects as we seek to conserve cash during these uncertain times.  No one knows quite when we will resume normalized operations but we are preparing to ramp up quickly when the “all clear” is sounded.  We are re-evaluating the situation regularly and are proceeding with regulatory and permitting approvals on the two major projects on Australian Avenue and for Burckle Place 3.  We will be ready to move forward with construction at the earliest and safest opportunity.


To address the immediate impact of the COVID 19 crisis, we are continuing to serve our community members, including our clients housed on our five campuses and in our 55 apartments, as well as those still on the streets.  Our dedicated staff is practicing social distancing, or working remotely with digital tools, while providing all the programs and services The Lord’s Place uses to transform lives.  To those who relied on Café Joshua, we are distributing individual grab ‘n go meals.  We are also providing specifically sized clothing in safely sealed bags to those in need after they have showered at our neighbors, Vita Nova.  Additionally, our school-aged children received iPads from a generous donor so they could continue their schoolwork.

While there is a lot of anxiety, we see the spirit of those in our community shine through.  Our men who live at the William H. Mann Place for Men have enthusiastically thrown themselves into planting an extensive garden filled with native seedlings.  What started as therapy may eventually blossom into a social enterprise.


Our executive leadership team is working around the clock with county and state agencies to coordinate our responses.  Most importantly, we are ensuring the lines of communication to our clients remain open.  This includes distributing cell phones so those on the street, so they can make emergency calls, and we can stay in touch. We cannot thank our staff enough for their unstinting response and creativity during these troubling times.

We remain focused and committed to our mission, as well as the future of The Lord’s Place and the Home for Good Campaign.  And to all of you, we thank you for working together with us and for all the many things you are doing to make these days memorable for the success of our clients.

If you would like to opportunity to discuss further, please feel free to call Diana Stanley, CEO at 561.628.8401.  Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon on a joyous day when we break ground on the future of our agency!