On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Lord’s Place,
we welcome you to SleepOut 2022.

Thank you for being our guests!

Board of Directors Oath

As a member of the Board of Directors of The Lord’s Place, I shall support, protect, encourage and communicate its client centered mission. I shall bring my professional and personal talents to bear on the issues of homelessness to provide strategic guidance, financial leadership and to uphold the values of The Lord’s Place.

Executive Committee

Cornie Thornburgh
Board Chair
Michael Stevens
Vice Chair
Diana Barrett
Charles Ward Treasurer







Pamela McIver
Past Chair
Kate Grangard
Audit Committee Chair








Board Members


Matt Barnes
Robert E. Barrett, Jr.
The Honorable Ann Brown
Barbara Cheives







Julie F. Cummings
Cynthia Heathcoe
Bob Katzen
Wes Lang
Steven Malone, Esq.






The Honorable Geraldine (Jeri) Muoio
Jamie Niemie
Rev. Dr. Robert Norris
Willy Philias, MD
Bill Proctor
Mary Quick







Jack Scarola, Esq.
Jamie Stern
Adrianne Weissman








In Loving Memory

Theodore Deckert, Esq.