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Message from our CEO

Dear Friends,

For more than a decade, I have had the honor of leading this life-changing organization.

We have made enormous strides in our delivery of services to transform the lives of so many. Men, women, and children have found The Lord’s Place to be their place of hope, restoration, and acceptance.

In 2019, we were faced with a challenge. We had reached our limit of serving people. Our space was overcrowded, and there was not enough supportive housing. We knew it was time to meet the growing needs of our clients today – and tomorrow.

With overwhelming gratitude, I’m humbled to say that in January 2022, we crossed the threshold of the campaign, with the community raising an outstanding $20M for the mission of The Lord’s Place.

While our community achieved this goal, it is still our job as an agency to continue to expand, increase and sustain.

Our programs’ outcomes indicate that we are rebuilding lives in a cost-effective way. Our team is passionate, skilled, and dedicated. We have laid the foundation for more to be done, more to be served, and more to be Home for Good.

This campaign has proven that our community is ready to link arms with us. In my heart, I know there are people who want to care for the poor, the homeless, and the formerly incarcerated – and this is still the opportunity to do so.

So, if you have it in your heart to still participate in this campaign, my question to you is simple. Will you help us? Will you help:

  • Expandour programs and services by helping us build a new updated Australian Avenue Campus for our clients and staff?  Naming opportunities are still available.
  • Increase our supportive housing for those who have no place to call home.  There are still people in need, especially in the wake of the pandemic and rising rent costs.
  • Sustain our continued growth and secure our financial future?  We have been in this community for more than 40 years; we still have so much work to do!

Will you consider making a gift so we can care for those families and individuals who have little or nothing?

This campaign is not only transforming lives, but also the community that we all call home.

I am so grateful to everyone in our world that has responded to our needs over the years.

Thank you for considering supporting our Home forGoodcampaign.


Diana Stanley
Chief Executive Officer
The Lord’s Place

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