Meet Mr. Riley

Categories: Success Stories

Mr. Marvin Riley, aged 55, was first introduced to The Lord’s Place in 2006. After several attempts to lead a crimeless life, he finally had the motivation he needed, and in 2018, Mr. Riley returned to The Lord’s Place Men’s Campus, now the William H. Mann Place.

Since his return, Mr. Riley has worked closely with his case manager to get his SOAR application approved to receive his benefits, obtain a job to pay off fines, and get his license. After several months, he started attending AA/NA meetings on his own and became sober. He met a woman, and after conversations with his TLP support group, made the decision to move to Seattle with her. Today, he is sober, doing well for himself, and living a happy life with his wife and stepchildren.

“I owe it to The Lord’s Place for saving my life when I didn’t think I was worth saving. I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”