You can make a difference with the state of homelessness.

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The Lord’s Place engages in advocacy and systemic reform initiatives to advance the interests of people experiencing homelessness and those who are formerly incarcerated.

As the needs in our community constantly change, our priorities evolve to meet those needs. The Lord’s Place supports affordable housing, the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund, voting rights for disenfranchised populations, and legislation to fund homeless services.  A robust and diverse advocacy committee sets our priorities each year.  This committee recognizes the disproportionate representation of people of color within these systems due to historical inequality and applies a racial justice approach to address these disparities.

The guides in the links below will give you the knowledge and tools needed to understand the state of homelessness in our community, as well as the capability to make positive change.  Topics of discussion, activities and other educational tools are given for children, teens and adults.

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