The Lord’s Place engages in advocacy and systemic reform initiatives to advance the interests of people experiencing homelessness and those who are formerly incarcerated.

Our main priorities are currently, but not limited to, the support of affordable housing through the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund, and voting rights for returning citizens.  A robust and diverse advocacy committee sets these priorities.  This committee recognizes the disproportionate representation of people of color within these systems due to historical inequality, and applies a racial justice approach to address these disparities.

Through our advocacy, we have accomplished:

– Increased funding for homeless services in Palm Beach County
– Increased local funding for reentry services
– Expanded job opportunities for the reentry population
– Influenced companies to adopt legislation such as “Ban the Box.”

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Affordable Housing

Breaking the cycle of homelessness starts with housing.
The Sadowski Coalition advocates for Florida’s housing programs, fighting to keep the state and local housing trust funds.
Increasing affordable housing is part of the solution to end homelessness.

What is the Sadowski Trust Fund?

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Ask your elected officials to support…

  • $3.5 billion in overall funding for HUD’s homeless assistance grants in next year’s appropriations bill.
  • $30.4 billion in next year’s appropriation bill for the Tenant Based Rental Assistance account, helping people afford a place to live and moving more families out of poverty.
  • The Biden Administration’s $318 billion commitment to preserving and constructing affordable housing, as outlined in the American Jobs Plan and related proposals.

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Voting Rights

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Voting Rights: What are yours?

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Learn how you can get involved in criminal justice reform and support voting rights for all people.

Voting Rights: Get Involved

The State of Homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness provides a snapshot of the impact of homelessness in the state of Florida and across our Nation.

National Alliance to End Homelessness

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