On any given night in Palm Beach County, there are 1,500 homeless individuals,
and 68% of these individuals are unsheltered. (Point in Time Count, PBC, 2020)

You can make a difference!

The Lord’s Place engages in advocacy and systemic reform initiatives to advance the interests of people experiencing homelessness and those who are formerly incarcerated.

As the needs in our community constantly change, our priorities evolve to meet those needs. The Lord’s Place supports affordable housing, the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund, voting rights for returning citizens, and legislation to fund homeless services.  A robust and diverse advocacy committee sets our priorities each year.  This committee recognizes the disproportionate representation of people of color within these systems due to historical inequality and applies a racial justice approach to address these disparities.

Affordable Housing

Did you know that Palm Beach County has had an average annual loss of 17,167 affordable housing units since 2014 due to market appreciation? And did you know a single parent making minimum wage would have to work 3.3 full times jobs to afford the average Palm Beach County rent of $1,862?

Housing is the solution to ending homelessness.

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Building and preserving affordable housing is a critical need; and as the gap widens between incomes and rising rent, housing vouchers ensure that families can afford a roof over their heads.


Bridging the gap between incomes and rent:


To build and preserve affordable housing:

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The Sadowski Coalition
advocates for Florida’s housing programs, fighting to keep the state and local housing trust funds.
Increasing affordable housing is part of the solution to ending homelessness.



Voting Rights

Did you know that according to the US Interagency Council on Homelessness, less than 10% of people experiencing homelessness vote?

Join the Lord’s Place for an on-going Voter Registration and Educational Campaign. Beginning June 16, 2022, The Advocacy Department will be hosting voter registration drives and informational sessions to educate our community on the importance of voting rights. To register to vote, update your address, or change your status, please click on our QR code.


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Creating Change on a National Level

The US Interagency Council on Homelessness is working toward creating their next federal strategic plan on homelessness. A recent publication outlines the USICH core values and their process to address homelessness in our nation.

The Lord’s Place shares the USICH’s core values and is at the forefront of providing information to inform the new federal strategic plan on homelessness. Gathering information from our programs, our clients, and our community, The Lord’s Place has provided guidance to the USICH to inform their practices and policies.

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The State of Homelessness


The National Alliance to End Homelessness provides a snapshot of the impact of homelessness in the state of Florida and across our Nation.

To learn more about the state of homelessness across our country and how you can get involved, visit:

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Legislation that we are following

Ending Homelessness Act of 2021 – H.R. 4496

Housing is a Human Right Act of 2021 – H.R. 3772

Eviction Crisis Act of 2021 – S 2182

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