Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Lord’s Place a religious organization?

The Lord’s Place is a non-sectarian, 501(c)3 social impact agency.  No religious doctrine is included in the services delivered to the clients of The Lord’s Place.  However, the staff and volunteers come from many faith backgrounds and are all committed to the faithful goal of serving the homeless.

What is The Lord’s Place, and where is it located?

The Lord’s Place is one of the leading agencies in Palm Beach County delivering services to the homeless.  The Lord’s Place has four campuses, both residential and day programs, located throughout Palm Beach County.  The address of the Administrative Office is 2808 North Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 and the main phone number is (561) 494-0125.

Who does The Lord’s Place help?

The Lord’s Place helps homeless men, women and children who often have no place to go and no one to help them.

Can we really end homelessness in Palm Beach County?

Yes.  The Lord’s Place has close to a 40-year track record of providing services to the homeless in a highly efficient and effective manner.  These services need to be made available on a much wider basis throughout our community.