Palm Beach Non-Gala

Please join The Lord’s Place
February 2023

The Palm Beach Non-Event 

Last year, The Lord’s Place served 1,782 men, women, and children experiencing homelessness with one goal in mind: moving into their own home.

With your help, “A New Chapter” starts this year with more people benefiting from the programs and services necessary to reach their goals and dreams.

Our “stay at home and give” event allows every dollar raised to go directly to ending homelessness in Palm Beach County by funding the important programs that help our clients heal and acquire the tools they need to successfully leave The Lord’s Place.  Please help us turn the page on homelessness and share the joy of giving 100% to the mission!

All donations pledged or received by March 1, 2023,
up to $160,000, will be matched,
thanks to the generosity of 16 life-changing friends of The Lord’s Place.

For more information about this event, and how you can get involved,
For please contact Marilyn Munoz at 561-578-4841 or

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Gratitude to our Sponsors and our Match Partners:

Platinum Sponsor

Sandra and Edward Meyer

Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of our generous Challenge Match Partners!

Louisa and Neale Attenborough
Marianne and Tony Ehinger
Nancy and Craig Gibson
Anne and Chris Flowers
Laurie and Peter Grauer
Lazarus Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luter III
Nancy and Ed Madden
Beth and Carmine Martinetti
Pamela and Brian McIver
Gabriela and David Porges
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Quick
Richard Salomon and Laura Landro
Cornelia and Richard Thornburgh
Lynne Wheat and Thomas Petterfy

Gold Sponsors

MM and Wes Lang
Mary and John Fowler
Laura Lofaro Freeman and Jim Freeman
Audrey and Martin Gruss
Heidi and Tom McWilliams
Robert Spiegel and Jackie Grimm
Leslie and Eileen Quick
Mary Quick and Jim Daras
Patricia Quick
Tom Quick

Silver Sponsors

Braman Motorcars Palm Beach/Jupiter
Joe Jacobs
Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Donna and Chuck Ward

Bronze Sponsors

Diana Barrett and Bob Vila
Lisa and John Cregan
Dr. Willy Philias
Hazel and Michael Schultz

Copper Sponsors

Catherine Brister
Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company
Shelley and William Gubelmann
Elizabeth and Bob Nolan
Jamie Stern and Stephen Brown
Laraine and Michael Stevens
Carole and William Strawbridge
Kim and Payson Coleman