Palm Beach Non-Gala

Please join The Lord’s Place
Mid-February – March 2022


The Palm Beach Non-Event 

Last year, The Lord’s Place served 1,747 men, women, and children experiencing homelessness with one goal in mind: helping them reach their Destination: Home.

Our “stay at home and give” event allows every dollar raised to go directly to ending homelessness in Palm Beach County and helps our clients on their way to their destination. No need for a party dress; kick off those high-heeled shoes, leave off the coat and tie, and share the joy of giving 100% to the cause!



All donations pledged or received by March 31, 2022, up to $100,000, will be matched,
thanks to the generosity of ten life-changing friends of The Lord’s Place.

For more information about this event, and how you can get involved, please contact Marilyn Munoz at 561-578-4841 or

A huge hug and gratitude to our Sponsors and our Challenge Match Partners:

Platinum Sponsors

Sandra and Edward Meyer

Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of our generous Challenge Match Partners!

Julie and Peter Cummings
Marianne and Tony Ehinger
Rosemary and Carlos Ferrer
Pamela and Brian McIver
Mary Quick and James Daras
Richard Salomon and Laura Landro
Betsy and Paul Shiverick
Cornelia and Richard Thornburgh
Sue and Jeffrey Walker

Gold Sponsors

Michele and Howard Kessler
Joan Lazarus
Margery McCloskey
Gabriela and David Porges
Hazel and Michael Schultz
Robert Spiegel
Meredith Trim and Jim Robo

Silver Sponsors

Ruth Baum
Joanna and Joe Elm
Mary K. Ernst and Edmund Spivack
Marjorie M. Fisher and Roy Furman
Jacquelyn Grimm
Cynthia Hochman
Rita and Bob Nowak
Sherri Stephenson
Donna and Charles Ward

Bronze Sponsors

Suzanne and Michael Ainslie
Diana Barrett and Bob Vila
Patricia and Philip Bilden
Catherine Brister
Nancy and Peter Brown
Lisa and John Cregan
Alfred Engleberg
Merle and Lee Goldstein
Joanie and Murray Goodman
MM and Wes Lang
Beth and Carmine Martignetti
Patsy and Don Mintmire
Dr. Willy Philias
Jeanne Shanley
Jamie Stern and Stephen Brown

Copper Sponsors

Laura Andrassy
Harry Ashton
George and Joan Beck
Linda Berley and Robert Fagenson
James Borynack
Robert Calhoun
Susan and George Cohon
Kiki and Jack Curtin
Mary McDonnell Davidson
Mary and William Donnell
David A. Duffy
Cheryl and Ken Endelson
Linda and Gregory Fischbach
Beth and Marc Goldberg
Adele Grant
Shelley and William Gubelmann
Sherrie Hall
Rosemary and Torrance Harder
J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation
Richard Holton
Pamela Howard
Susan Kiernan
Virginia Laytham
Ellen Liman/The Palm Beach Art Collection
Jan and Russell MacDonnell
Terrence Murray
Elizabeth and Bob Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Parker
Anne and Paul Petry
Lee and Harvey Poppel
Debbie and Michael Pucillo
Sidney Kohl Family Foundation
Robert E. Spatt
Laraine and Michael Stevens
Carol and Bill Strawbridge
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Treadway
Lynne Wheat