The Lord’s Place Chef Robert is making Quiche Florentine!

Do you know about Café Joshua, The Lord’s Place social enterprise?  Through this unique apprentice program at Café Joshua, our clients learn from a range of fundamental cooking and serving skills, in preparation for future employment.

Now meet our Executive Chef, Robert Coleman, as he offers a virtual cooking lesson to employees at GL Homes, our Premier Breakfast Sponsor.

You can enjoy the Ending Homelessness Breakfast, and this quiche too! Chef Coleman is sharing his recipe with you so that you can watch this great video and prepare his quiche for the morning of the event!  (Don’t forget to share your photos with us!)

Another way you can enjoy this quiche is by donating the price of a ticket to the event ($75) and picking up your quiche breakfast to go the day before (November 18th) the Ending Homelessness Breakfast. If you have already “purchased” your ticket, please reserve your breakfast to go box no later than Tuesday, November 10th.  You can reserve your breakfast by emailing and pick it up at 2808 North Australian Blvd. in West Palm Beach on November 18th.

Quiche shopping list and recipes for 9″ pie plate and 9 x 13″ casserole dish (printable)