Cynthia’s Journey Out of Homelessness February 24, 2023

“My name is Cynthia Mae Jenkins. I was born in Tallahassee, Florida. At four years old, my parents divorced, and I was raised by my great grandfather. Even though things were rough, I had a significant life.”

Cynthia did not grow up with a strong foundation. By 14 years old, she was getting into trouble and following in her mother’s footsteps. In her early 20’s, a traumatic event led her to move to Riviera Beach. There, she got a job and met a man, but her troubles followed her and led her into a downward spiral, including addiction.

In 2021, she found herself living in a house where drugs were sold. She was exhausted by this lifestyle and chose jail merely to escape the situation. Fortunately, Drug Court referred her to The Lord’s Place Halle Place in July 2021.

“I am thankful every day for the opportunities that The Lord’s Place has given me. I was able to get therapy so that I can talk through some of the stuff that has been weighing on me for years,” said Cynthia.

Through staff support, Cynthia has healed and received needed medical support. She now has glasses, is working to restore her hearing from a past traumatic incident and is one year clean and sober. She has participated in the job training program and worked in a social enterprise.

“The compassion and love that Ms. Val and the staff at Halle Place have shown me have been remarkable,” said Cynthia. “They push me every day to see my self-worth, and I am more than grateful. I could never thank them enough.”

We are so proud of Cynthia’s accomplishments and applaud her for making plans to leave Halle Place this December to reunite with her family in Tallahassee.

Good luck Cynthia!

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