Creating Change

Providing Guidance and Creating Change

Creating change at the local, state, and federal levels is a priority for The Lord’s Place’s Advocacy Department. By engaging in advocacy efforts at each level of government, we can maximize our impact and drive meaningful progress. At the local level, we seek to address specific needs and concerns of those experiencing homelessness. State-level advocacy can influence policies and legislation that have a broader reach, impacting whole communities. And finally, engaging with the federal government allows for systemic change on a national scale, shaping laws and regulations that affect countless lives. By strategically addressing homeless issues at all levels, our Advocacy Department strives to create a comprehensive approach tackling challenges and amplifying our influence to foster positive transformation.

The US Interagency Council on Homelessness is working with other national organizations, state and local providers to end homelessness by 2025. A recent publication outlines the USICH core values and their process to address homelessness in our nation.

The Lord’s Place shares the USICH’s core values and is at the forefront of providing information to inform the new federal strategic plan on homelessness. Gathering information from our programs, our clients, and our community, The Lord’s Place has provided guidance to the USICH to inform their practices and policies.