Cancer Survivor Bobbi Catron Finds New Purpose as TLP Volunteer

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Meet Bobbi Catron

When Bobbi Catron beat throat cancer, she felt she had been given a second chance at life and she wanted to give back to others.  Through a friend, she found out about volunteer opportunities for an experienced cook like herself at The Lord’s Place.

“I was very weak from my cancer treatments when I started,” she said. “Cooking is tough, because you’re on your feet constantly and always on the move.  But that’s what I love to do.”

“After the first seven days I was ready to quit.  I didn’t have energy.  But they wouldn’t let me quit.  They helped me.  I tell everyone they saved my life. I think they added a good 10 – 15 years on my life.”

Bobbi said she is impressed with the quality of the culinary skills she sees in the chefs at The Lord’s Place.  “I have the honor of working with some of the most wonderful chefs who would make any restaurant proud,” she said.  “They insist that everything that goes out of that kitchen is just right.”

Bobbi is glad to have the opportunity to serve others through skills she learned as a girl from her dad, who was a chef.  She went on to manage her own restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale for many years, Wynn’s Green Olive.  “I was famous for my home cooked meals,” she said.  “Everything was fresh and made from scratch.”

In addition to helping the homeless through The Lord’s Place, Bobbi says her volunteer experience has been a blessing to her.

“The people are so wonderful there,” she said.  “The name The Lord’s Place fits. They helped me and encouraged me at the same time as I was helping others.”

In addition to her volunteer work in the Joshua Catering kitchen, Bobbi has also done cooking lessons for the women at Burckle Place.

“They are beautiful ladies and I’m happy they’re getting a second chance,” Bobbi said.  “It makes me feel like I’m doing something good.”